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Ten Resolutions To Live By

  1. Resolved, to love God above all else and to do only that which brings Him glory.

  2. Resolved, to confess and repent of my sins upon first remembrance of them.

  3. Resolved, to ever study, learn, and apply the Scriptures.

  4. Resolved, to preach the Gospel unashamedly, even at my own peril.

  5. Resolved, to think truly of myself, as a helpless beggar whose only hope is the Lord.

  6. Resolved, to pray continually, especially that God would draw sinners to His Son.

  7. Resolved, to give liberally, especially to those most in need.

  8. Resolved, to love others and to put their interests before my own.

  9. Resolved, to give thanks to God in all circumstances.

  10. Resolved, to evaluate my faithfulness to these resolutions.

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